Delenar War Book

Arrow Tower
The Arrow Tower is a direct damage tower that has the ability to critical strike its target causing two times nomral damage. Arrow Towers target the demon that is farthest down the path. Every time an Arrow Tower gets upgraded its chance to critical strike goes up.
Cannon Tower
The Cannon Tower is a basic area of effect tower that does damage to all demons around its target. Cannon Towers target the demon that is moving the slowest. Every time a Cannon Tower gets upgraded its area of effect is larger.
Earth Tower
The Earth Tower is a direct damage tower that has the ability to stun its target. Earth Towers target the mob within range that has the highest health left. Every time an Earth Tower gets upgraded its chance to stun goes up.
Ice Tower
The Ice Tower is an area of offect tower that has the ability to slow its target and any other demons around it. Ice Towers targeet the demon farthest down the path. Every time an Ice Tower gets upgraded its slow effect gets more powerful and its area of effect gets larger aswell.
Fire Tower
The Fire Tower is an area effect tower that radiates damage from its position. Fire Towers have no target, instead they attack all mobs within range. Fire Towers, in the right position, are often times the most powerful tower on the screen when upgraded. Every time a fire toweer gets upgraded its area of effect gets larger.
Crystal Tower
The Crystal Tower is a rapid fire direct damage tower with low damage per hit. Crystal Towers target the demon with the lowest health. This tower is great for leak catching when paired with an Arrow Tower.
Lightning Tower
The Lightning Tower is a direct damage tower that has a chain lightning effect. Lightning Towers target demons that are furthest down the path. Everytime a Lightning Tower is upgrades its lightning bolt jumps to one more target.
Mazing Rock
Mazing Rocks do no damage, however they are an inexpensive way to force the demons to walk past your damaging towers such as the Arrow Tower. This is known as mazing. Mazing is a must in this game, and even though you can maze with towers, its much more efficient to do it with Mazing Rocks.
Poison Trap
A trap that will put a DoT(Damage over Time) on demons and slow their movement speed for a short period of time.
Spike Trap
Whirlwind Tower
Whirlwind Tower

Corrupted Human
Corrupted Humans are humans that were lured in to the demons realm, twisted and bound to demon's will, They are intelligent, howver they are bound to their master's will and can not disobey. Corrupted Humans are a mid level tank mob with above average health and medium speed. Direct damage is most effiecent to kill Corrupted Humans.
Felpups are the very weakest of the demon dogs known as Felhounds. Felpups are fast and can easily run past your towers, however their low health leaves them weak against area effect towers such as Cannon Tower and Fire Towers.
Imps are menacing demons. They are constantly toying with everyone and everything around them. Imps are a basic mob with lower health and medium speed. Imp's low health leaves them week against area effect towers such as Cannon Towers and Fire Towers.
Skeleton Mage
Skeleton Mages are the risen humanoid casters from the last demonic invasion. Skeleton Mages have the ability to reanimate fallen demons. They are a strong demon with average health and slow movement speed. Longer mazes are essenial in levels with many Skeleton Mages.
Succubi are temptress demons that often lure humanoids into the clutches of their would be masters. Because of their allure Succubi can convince humanoids, to not attack them. Succubi are a caster demon with above average health and medium speed. Longer mazes are essential in levels with many Succubi.
Wraiths are the semi-solid ghostly shadows of a fallen humanoid. Wraiths are a medium difficulty demon with below average health, but are very fast. Slowing Wraiths down with ice towers is very important.
Felhounds are much larger than felpups and have managed to grow two more heads! Felhounds are much slower then thief smaller brethren with a great deal more health. Felhounds will also spawn Fulpups every few secounds. The more Felhounds that are present the more area of effect is needed on a level.
A boss that Summons Felhounds.
Balrogs are on of the lieutenant species of the demon hordes. Balrogs are immensely strong, and yet smart for their size. Balrogs are a semi-noss mob with very high health and slow speed. Balrog's require massive amount of direct damage to kill.
Corrupted Dwarf
A corrupted dwarf with the ability to place a Chromatic Shield on nearby demons.
Commander Balrog
A magical Balrog that can heal every target withing range every few seconds.
Corrupted Elf
A corrupted elf that has the ability to grant a speed bonus to itself or other demons nearby.
Ancient Imp
The ancient imp are the eldest of the imps who have learned how to lock down a tower preventing it from attacking any demons.
Elite Wraith
The elite wraith is a larger stronger version of the wraith. With a lot more health it can be a dangerous foe.

Stone Path
Stone Paths cause demons to run faster. They make for great foundation for physical towersm such as Arrow Towers, and therefore raises their damage. However, Stone Path will lower the damage of your elemental towers, like Earth Towers.
Swamp causes demons to run very slowly. They make for such poor foundations for all towers that nothing can be built on them.
Tall Grass
Tall Grass causes demons to move slower and makes for a poor foundation for physical towers, such as Arrow Towers, and therefore lowers their damage. However the Tall Grass will raise the damage of your elemental towers, such as the Earth Tower.
Demons can not walk on cliffs, but towers can be built on them.

Frail Portal
Mobs coming out of this type of portal are very weak and only have 75% normal health.
Weak Portal
Mobs from this portal are only slightly weaker with 87.5% health.
Normal Portal
Mobs have normal health values when coming from this portal.
Strong Portal
Mobs have a health boost to 112.5% of normal health when coming from this portal.
Epic Portal
The most strongest portal known to exist mobs from this portal are feared, and rightly so as they possess 125% of normal mob health.

This icon will let you know how many lives you have left before the demons overrun you.
This icon will let you know what wave you are on, and how man waves are in the level. Demon's health increases as waves increase.
This icon will let you know how much mana you have. Many is gained by killing demons. Mana is also accrued every second based on how much mana have, starting at 40 mana.
This icon notfies you of seconds remaining before the next wave spawns.
Physical Shield
Reduces physical damage taken on the demon.
Elemental Shield
Reduces elemental damage taken on the demon.
Chromatic Shield
A shield switches between reducing elemental damage and physical damage depending on what type of damage struck it last.